Monday, April 5, 2010

a talk with a foreigner

Very recently (2 days ago) I got a chance to speak to a foreigner. By foreigner I mean a Lebanese. What interested me was his sense of humor. He is a citizen of here for 26 years now. Here is a jist.

Lets call him J. I asked him, do you stay locally. For this he said, yes. The conversation started because he asked me where do I saty. On knowing the place he told me he too stayed closely and why he selected this place.

 This is where he started speaking. He said his was a big family which migrated to US regularly from 1921 to 1988, he being the last.  In the olden days, Lebanon did not have any electricity. His forefathers survived with candle light. Since they had no other source of entertainment, they said why waste the candle. Lets put it off and make babies. This continued for generations till his father. His father bought a new house and settled away from the family. But the house did not workout well for him. He realised that a railway track passes his house, just behind actually. And a train passed on the track everyday at 4 in the morning. What could he do early in the morning, awake. So the couple decided, lets make.... err.... babies.

Ok, the point of this conversation was, he said, dont buy a house near a railway track. You end up spending more on kids.

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