Monday, March 29, 2010

Pasta tonight

Well! Finally it was sunny. The eternal sunshine forced me to try something new. So I though of Pasta. How bout pasta for dinner. There are 2 recipes. Lets call it, my way and the right way.

My way first:
Get pasta from some sooooper store. Boil hot water with salt. Put the hard pasta in this and allow to boil again.
Put aside the boiled pasta. Take some(not some actually) butter in a pan and boil (I mean melt it) Add water and maida and boil again, add milk (Yes!! thats right. A little bit of milk) This would taste like pasta sauce.  Add the pre-boiled pasta, add jalepenos, pepper and salt to taste. And enjoy your pasta.

The right way:
Get pasta sauce from the sooooper store and heat, add the pre boiled pasta, add wine and put fire in the frying pan, Go ahead enjoy your pasta.

Sadly I have an electric cooker and cant add wine and burn it. Without burning the pasta would taste like liquor.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Come home for dinner

come home for dinner doesn't mean you shamelessly come home and wait for dinner. There are many interpretations depending on who invited. The most important being:
1. It was just courtesy, I had to call you as it was dinner time and did not have any mood to have dinner with you outside.
2. Or the Scottish invitation like, come home for dinner. Bring your own dinner and have it with us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

welcome to the new world. It sucks, but you're gonna love

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Godfather

All work places follow some craziness in naming their workareas. For example, we have a building where conf rooms are named by the rivers of India, another by planets, another building has conf rooms by flowers, and another by those old lazy fellows who we call philosophers.
I am currently at a workplace where they follow the norm of naming each room facing a direction, by a different norm. Err... I know that's a confusing statement. To make it clear, all the rooms facing north are named after  movies.
I was so happy when I was assigned a room all to myself, and it was named Godfather :)
Next to my room is the Company vice presidents room and that room has his name on it. But my room has godfather written on it. So cool. When somebody passes by they check the name of the person sitting inside put up on the wall, and they sure do check me out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why do people become socially (web-social) active when they travel to an onsite location? is it because they wanna show-off. Or is it because of lack of anything else to do. I guess its easy access to net and nothing much to do.
Differences I saw here are a lot. People seen to acknowledge your pesnce. You know the person or not, you stiil smile and talk. I was spoken to by a lot of people in the lobby.
Movies show blacks in bad light. A nigerian went out of the way to help me reach my place in the US.
Cars are a necessity here, not a luxury.
People follow rules, in all walks of life. Be it driving, crossing the road or anything.
People here are open. They admit they were wrong if they were so, and also expect you to.

many more to come

Do you really know yourself

All your life you have been aloof. or Atleast giving an impression that you are aloof, alone, detached and loved being that way. You feel you are strong and can manage anything,  all alone.

Then strikes the lightning, the realization  You are attached to people. You were just acting/showing off (to whom) that way because maybe you wanted people to to notice you. people tend to notice weirdos  You were that weirdo.

Inspite of that acting, four close friends drive up to see you off, even when whom you expected to did not turn up. There might be chances that the people you expected to turn up know that you will be alright, you can manage etc. Ther are chances that the people who showed up wanted to confirm the wierdo is gone, gone for good. What ever the case, my eyes welled up when I was entering. I got the feeling of getting detached :(