Saturday, July 31, 2010

A nail biting climax.

I always wondered why this term came up. What was the origin of this term. Not to be thrown out by the word 'climax' lets concentrate on nail biting. The camera zooms out from the current webpage to our protagonist who is about to enter an IMAX cinema to watch a movie. Of course, inception. The first person narrative is just for the feel, not necessarily self experience. It is just a coincidence that I am the protagonist, I went to watch inception in IMAX.

After 3 people suggested me to watch the movie, I decided to give it a try. I bought the tickets and entered the movie hall. While entering I bought a small drink. The definition of small changes. It is the smallest of the glasses available. It can hold 1 liter of the drink. I bought this and entered the hall.

Midway through the movie the drink was done and my stomach was full. Story was also building up well on screen. 10 mins later, my stomach was still full along with my bladder. No I really had to go. I tried all sorts of stuff (censored), of no use.

These guys don't have breaks (intermission as known back home)

By the end of the movie I could not control and had to go. But the movie was interesting as well and I could not risk to blink. So I just waited for the movie to be over. By the end of the movie I realized that I was biting my nails due to the pressure (not in the movie). Finally the long long movie was over. The long long wait was over, is what I thought. But there was a long long queue in the hall for the loo. I was again biting on my nails, now that I did not have the luxury of sitting, and gravity acts in weird ways.

Finally I get to the loo, pee and get out. This was the nail biting finish

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rambling: All in one

I have seen it since I was kid. All the games kids play are decided by whats being watched on TV currently. For example whole of last month kids used to play football on the streets. I was no different to this. Only difference being we had to make do with whatever was available to us.

As cricket is the one that'll be watched atleast once a week at home, we all became natural cricketers. We used to feel that we were the best in our field of 'specialization'. There was this guy who used to 'bowl' well (atleast everyone in our group found it difficult to play him). He used to feel Sachin cannot stand more than 3 of his deliveries. Now even I agree. The ball never made it till the end the batsmen stood. We had shortened the field for him.

Coming back to the topic, We used to have this tennis ball with wich we played everything. It was cricket all year round. This was broken only when our folks used to watch tennis. We played tennis with the same ball and some cardboard we could find. This time around some cup came up for hokey, and ofcourse we played hockey with the same tennis ball and ofcourse cricket bats, some plastic as well.

Then came FWC. We played football with the same tennis ball, mostly because none of our parents agreed to buy us a football. Finally after a couple of bruised feet and torn shoes, we got our new ball. This was to be the new all in one for sometime to come. We used to run around kicking the ball. our only aim was to kick the ball. We never bothered which side. Half our play time was spent searching the ball which went into the bushes and the woods. The other half was spent arguing whos team someone belonged after a goal was made. Everybody obidiently said they were in the opposite team after they had made a saelf goal. Once even our goal keeper said, he was in the other team.

Then came the volleyball. We used the same new all in one ball. We considered ourselves lucky compared to those poor girls shown on TV who could not afford shorts and Tees and played in bikinis. Also they did not have a ground and played in a beach. But we had nice Tees and a ground. The Tees used to be nice until we started playing.

Then came basketball, which none of of us understood. Still we played aiming at the dogs face in the first floor because he used to bark incessantly when we played football. Well, basketball stopped after the ball got stuck in the first-floor next to the dog, and the owner let the dog loose on us.

It was time for cricket again and no body remembered where the old all in one was. Finally we had managed to convince the dog/owner to throw the ball back promising not to trouble the doggie and his pet again. So we played cricket with the new all in one ball until one of us broke a hand and convinced ur folks to buy us a new tennis ball.