Friday, April 30, 2010

TOW I almost got slapped

That pretty young thing (PYT) which meets me everyday in the bus-stop smiled at me today. We got talking, one thing led to another and ... baaam... there comes my bus. We sit next to each other and continue the topic we were talking on.

PYT: DO you like silica?
Me: Errr... (all confused) well.. yes.
me thinking: May me she is too forward. These phoreeners can talk about anything. All this is very new to me. May be its no big deal to talk about silica the first time you meet some-one. May be....(censor board intervenes)

PYT: You know, actually they are good. Built for performance. Thats why they are being sold like hot cakes.
me: Hot, I agree. But cake? I dont mind calling it cake.

PYT: they are quite small actually. Not as big as they appear to be.
Me: Small? I thought you get them in any size. I have seen pretty huge ones before.

PYT: (confused) what do you mean sizes?... Oh I got it, they actually come in only 2  sizes.  coupes and sedans.
ME: Errr.... (is she crazy, first she calls them cake, now cars, what all does she compare "those" to? )

PYT: You know, I have silica. The smaller one.
Me: (about to faint, don't know what to say. Be good to others, said HE) Oh thats nice.

PYT: (confused). Since I don't find parking by the time I reach office, I prefer the bus.

This is when it clicked me, we were continuing the talk we had started about before boarding the bus. Cars.
BTW She was talking about this.
I was talking about... you know what.

ME: My stop. I need to get down.
PYT: but you get down 2 stops later everyday.
ME: mumbling something under my breath

Note 1 to self: Concentrate on the topic. Don't get diverted however hot they might be.
Note 2 to self: from tomorrow, take the earlier bus. She might have figured out what you were talking about.

Monday, April 26, 2010

minute details

When is it that you start looking at minute details. When is it that you find those small things to be corrected, which in normal circumstances you would have over looked. When is it that you go in search of perfection, if you call correcting the minute things as perfection.

I was watching one of my favorite movies 'Hera Pheri'. I have watched it a hundred times earlier. But have never found Tabu's dance for the 'Po po pon' song this funny. I know she is an actor of good caliber. I also agree that she does good (in) movies. But for the first time today I observed her expressions in the song/dance sequence. She is just too good.

Back to the topic. Was it because I have seen the movie a lot of times that I started observing her expressions in detail. How was it that I missed it earlier. I then started thinking in th lines of when does one observe minute details.

My take:
1. You are done with all the big stuff.
2, You have nothing new to see and a person needs something new every time in life.
3. Or he/she must be drunk

your thoughts please

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Bombay of US, the New York of India

I didn't see much difference in New York. The first thing that came to my mind was words of a dear friend who said, New york is similar to Bombay. Now that I have seen it, I cannot disagree with those words, hence the title.

A city of dreams, a city of opportunities, a city where a person has no names,  a city that never sleeps. My first impressions of the city were that of awe. I was dumbstuck looking at those buildings. They extend to as high the eye can see. This is when I realised to click a building you should not visit the place. You should actually go miles away from it and then click. Else you end up with just a couple of floors.

The traffic is just filled with taxi es and irate cab drivers. These cabbies honk their hearts out.
Food is too good. You find food from every corner of the world. I got a chance to taste mexican, indian, italian and american foods in the short duration I was here. Mexican the best. There are busses that take you on a day tour and night tour of the city. They have painted the buses in some countries' themes. I could spot a couple of 'Incredible India' buses as well. 

Public transport also consists of a network of underground trains called the subway. I got a chance to try out the subway, and it is very much similar to Delhi metro. If you have travelled in DMRC, you have travelled in the subway. But the life in the subway is completely colorful. you find a rich diversity. Surprising par being on Saturday nights you find the trains running full of Indians, especially the PATH route to New Jersey.

This was just about the impressions. A travelogue coming soon. Pics already posted.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At home

For a week now I have been taking the public transport to work, bus to be specific. Its more like our busses back home.  All the people who travel in the 0821 route 'A' are regulars. There was some uncertainity in the bus the first day. But now I am a regular too. Now the driver knows me by my first name. He wishes wishes me every morning, and I do too. There is this guy who comes with his seeing dog. He gets to know when I get in the bus and smiles at me. The dog wags its tail near the door. There is this sweet lady who keeps me a seat. Sadly she gets down at the next stop ;)

The people here try to make me feel comfortable. There is a couple who wish me 'na-mas-tey'. The icing on the cake was when this African American wished me 'namaskara'. He said 'Have a nice day' in Tamil.

I feel at home in the bus. This gives me a nice start for the day.

Kid for sale

Need I say more?? See for yourself.

Monday, April 5, 2010

a talk with a foreigner

Very recently (2 days ago) I got a chance to speak to a foreigner. By foreigner I mean a Lebanese. What interested me was his sense of humor. He is a citizen of here for 26 years now. Here is a jist.

Lets call him J. I asked him, do you stay locally. For this he said, yes. The conversation started because he asked me where do I saty. On knowing the place he told me he too stayed closely and why he selected this place.

 This is where he started speaking. He said his was a big family which migrated to US regularly from 1921 to 1988, he being the last.  In the olden days, Lebanon did not have any electricity. His forefathers survived with candle light. Since they had no other source of entertainment, they said why waste the candle. Lets put it off and make babies. This continued for generations till his father. His father bought a new house and settled away from the family. But the house did not workout well for him. He realised that a railway track passes his house, just behind actually. And a train passed on the track everyday at 4 in the morning. What could he do early in the morning, awake. So the couple decided, lets make.... err.... babies.

Ok, the point of this conversation was, he said, dont buy a house near a railway track. You end up spending more on kids.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What more can I say

Break neck speeds. Find anything interesting in the stats around the pic?

BTW do you want me to download anything and get it.
Let me know if you are interested in how this was achieved. I mean this is not shopped