Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The diet, retry number 008

I am on a diet, I declared triumphantly after completing a day on a diet. Earlier declarations used to be before the start and hence always failed, or so I thought. I walked into a supermarket and the ribs with grease never smelled this good, not that I eat those. I felt the whole world is against me fitting into my favorite Tee again. So I realized it was me against the world. I came out from the super market with just a fruit. Ha, World 0 - Me 1

Did you hear 'Borders', one of the biggest book chains , is going out of business. They are having a sale with everything priced at 10-50%.I walked into the store and saw some of my all time must read books on sale. Books like, 'Chicken soup for the soul' 'Who moved my cheese' 'Nobody moved your cheese' were on sale. Reading the names made me hungry today, not for knowledge. So it's the world against me again!! But still, World 0 - Me 1.

As you know my room-mates were searching for a new room-mate as I am moving out. They found one, who does not have much interests in cooking. Out of the blue he decides to cook, not that he cooks everyday. And guess what, he can work magic with spices in a dish with some help from our all knowing savior, messiah from Him, Google. The aroma from the food was magical, like the one I had never smelt before. So again it's the world against me. I slept with just a fruit juice, not succumbing to pressure from the forces to be.  World 0 - Me 2

Happy that I could complete a day, I went to bed early to avoid further temptations. Fruits have a strange way of working. Even beer would not wake you up at the middle of the night for the nature's call, but fruits do. I woke up in the middle of the night and after finishing my business, I realized that I was hungry. So it's the world against me in the middle of the night.

I walk into the kitchen and see that there is some left over from dinner and that's when I realized that the world kept dropping hints to not diet at all. I now respect the decision of the forces to be and no longer even attempt to diet. I know the world is a wonderful place meant to eat drink and be merry. So eat up people. Dear world, I give up, You win. Let's not keep scores any more