Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye America

I am surprised that I am a little sad to be leaving the country, on the contrary, I am way too excited on coming back to India. A couple of things I liked here in the past 18 months:
Courteous people, by courteous I mean, very courteous people. Good roads to drive on. Good clothing at affordable prices (all made in India :)). 

It is always people that make your life beautiful. I was lucky to befriend a whole lot of people here on a professional and a personal front. They made my time here go quick. They will be missed.Starbucks coffee, you will be missed. But I prefer the filter coffee and tea available back home to this. I'll miss the High speed Internet, the one which allowed me to download the entire FRIENDS series in one night.IHOP, you make nice delicious pancakes and real filling omelet. You will be dearly missed. But you will be the bar against which all future omelettes I try will be measured.

I am looking forward to some major changes in the months ahead. Looking forward to running on a daily basis. I have 2 marathons to run in the next 30 days. I am looking forward to getting back to my clicking. This has been untouched for a long time.

I will be home in a couple of days. Looking forward to meeting my friends. There is a whole list of things I am looking forward to, before I do those, let me touch down safe. A bon voyage to me. There are many other people back home who make me happy about life. Looking forward to the next phase of my life as a married man. Yes, I would still say, Life is beautiful.