Thursday, November 1, 2007

Silly Things.

They say you should feel happy about the small things. Else you don't get to the BIG one. Was just thinking how we just miss out on the small things in life. Things we don't consider important. but if I don't consider it so, nobody will in my life.

I feel bad seeing one more year gone as i see it. I had considered this year a year of success by the way it started. As it went by i considered it a good year, finally I am seeing it as a year begone, with nothing achieved. I remember this year for many many things. Some are too personal, others can be shared here. you know me, U know what I am talking about.

For one thing I got a chance to be photographed with two extreme machines. A F1 car and a P220 last month . I would have actually loved a Ferrari, but who gives 2 hoots. Any F1 car is a F1 car.
i loved seeing each and every part of it. The KF bird on it was too good.

Another being a chance to finally ride the KR Puram cable bridge.
The feeling you get just going over it is awesome. That huge engineering marvel still continues to amaze me. I was always cribbing everytime i had to go below the bridge and not over it.
Finally somebody's mistake make me go over it.

Last but not the least being getting Jason to bangalore (Fingers still crossed). Finally after a lot of planning have come out with a plan. After 3 years of planning he has agreed to come to Bangalore. Partially due to my persistance that I'll come over to Pune after he said he is free during Diwali.

I have a lot of things to remember this year. Might as well say one of the best years