Saturday, July 26, 2008

Continuing with my weekend cooking experiments

What do I do with the 'vermicelli' left in the pack. I have more than half of it left over. And co-incidentally I am hungry enough to finish it. Luckily that is the quickest thing that can be prepared. So I decided to cook again. This time it was 'semige bath'

Now I guess its good time I start my own recipies. Next week I get down into some more deeper water. No readymade ingredients from now on. Not even vermicelli :)

Here is something for the hungry. And a good(read professional) pic as well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A photo blog

Today was on my way to lunch. Saw some good frames, Here they are.

This house emits a lot of positive energy

What is kerosene (kerosion) doing with Milk and Cool drinks?
Has kerosene become the new drink. Have I missed something.

What if I want to buy moving things.

We all know Electronic city as litter free zone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Run. Its a jungle out there

All the practice paid off. I could complete a 5Km marathon , non-stop. I completed the race in 31.37min. good achievemnt for a beginner. A pat on my own back :). Best part, I got a bib with number 100. i will update my position once I get to know it.

In the practice run the winner had achieved 23.28mins. My aim was to complete in 30mins. But narrowly missed the mark. In the qualifying a different winner emerged. He finished the race in 20.20 min. Sadly the old winner could not complete. He retired hurt after experiencing severe cramps in his somach. The last person to qualify finished the race in 24.55min. My weekend running partner narrowly missed being qualified clocking 24.58.

My first lap was completed in 15.45min, and the second one in 15.52. Quite consistent I must say. But I was far away from qualifying. But a good timing to begin. Waiting for the next marathon.

All this is being organised for a marathon to be held at olde Bangalore organised by Runners for life. The event is Urban stampede.

Update: I came 50th. A total of 82 runners completed the run. Thank god, i wasn't last

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another professional photo :)

The original pic, without any editing.
For the full pic, click on the image.

i am lovin it.

Also the flowers were kept on a chair like this

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I feel cheated

I was just wondering what if 1 is not really 1. What if it was a very little smaller than 1. Say 0.999999......9.
Then what I know as 1 is really a bit smaller than 1. Then 1+1 is not actually 2, It would be 1.999999.....8 and 3 would be 2.999999.....7. Which would be the number which would finally be one less than what it is representing. Say 31428571428571428571428571428571 was the number. Then it would be equal to 31428571428571428571428571428570 :(

I feel cheated by these numbers. Thats why I never liked maths. i always knew they were upto something. Not this thing, but something

Monday, July 21, 2008

To test my culinary skills

After a big break I decided to cook again. I started off with vermicelli kheer or 'semige payasa', my favorite. Getting up early was half the effort. I never knew it takes less than 30 mins to make this. The extra ghee that 'fell' from my hands into the bowl made it even better.
Liked it in both flavors. Hot and diluted right after it was ready and cold and thick after it gets cooled down. Today is a gym day after a long time because of this.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

When the groves started whispering to me

It would start with collecting cashew-nuts early in the morning. Being there I could never catch sleep. I would be up before 6, a coffee and follow granny to the fields to graze the cattle. We would tie the cattle in the filed and be back. Now I would go roaming to collect cashew nuts from the farm. I liked roaming alone. Not because I liked liked to be left alone, but because I liked to be without supervision. I would feel like a grown up. We had 8 trees in all. I liked the fruit as well. If the fruit was good I would take back fruits also. I liked eating the fruit with salt. The nuts would be put for drying. Granny's farm had two types of fruits, one yellow and the other red. Yellow fruits tasted good, but I liked the red ones because they were rare in our farm and the color was very attractive, though they did not taste as good as the yellow ones.

Then the letter would come, a letter telling I am supposed to come back to B'lore. The last week of May would be for returning to Bangalore, back to school, back to books, and back to everything I disliked. In the last week of May granny would make a fire pit and we would throw cashew-nuts we collected in the two months into the fire. This was followed by the aroma of burning cashew. Granny always knew when to put the fire off, and the right time in which the nuts would be fried. Then we would put sand to douse the fire. This was followed by another batch of nuts, and another, till we were out of cashew nuts.

Then we would take some light weight and crack open the nuts. Some were packed into bottles for me to take it to Bangalore. It was fun having cashew this way. Now a days I go to a shop and buy haldirams salted cashew. But this doesn't taste any good. No where near the cashews I collected and granny burnt for me. My hands used to be very dirty after cracking those nuts due to the oil, but the fun was priceless. The more cashews I collected the more I could get to eat in the end.

A week back when I was traveling in Moodabirdi, the smell of burning cashew brought back these memories. Missing the place where I grew up, missing granny at that place. Now she has shifted to Kasargod town.

PS: Sorry about the subject line. Could not find a better one.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another home coming

It is become increasingly difficult to sit in office. My mind is not at work.
I dont know what am I doing. I am just excited about going home. Not sure if I am going this weekend. But something tells me I will make it home this weekend.

Am not able to eat anything, Not hungry as well. the calls have started from morning. Every one wants to confirm am i really coming. Lets see.

This feeling is what tells me the journey is starting. Also this is what makes me feel this time I am gonna make it.

PS: Pabbas, I am coming