Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I feel cheated

I was just wondering what if 1 is not really 1. What if it was a very little smaller than 1. Say 0.999999......9.
Then what I know as 1 is really a bit smaller than 1. Then 1+1 is not actually 2, It would be 1.999999.....8 and 3 would be 2.999999.....7. Which would be the number which would finally be one less than what it is representing. Say 31428571428571428571428571428571 was the number. Then it would be equal to 31428571428571428571428571428570 :(

I feel cheated by these numbers. Thats why I never liked maths. i always knew they were upto something. Not this thing, but something


Kit said...

Actually, everyone else is also cheated, so it evens out.

Kim said...

But the problem is I know the dark secret.
Nobody else does.

Kim said...

Would you go to a shop if you know you are getting cheated. Same here. I never liked maths