Monday, March 24, 2008

Flowers flowers everywhere, not a single one to pick

Do not pick read the board at the Lalbagh flower show this year. But after having paid Rs30/- for the entrance (normally Rs7/-) i had to get the worth for it. So here you go.

Flowers and flowers

A great start

I was always fascinated by the photographs taken about water flowers. One example being the .jpg image that comes default with windowsXP in the my pictures folder.
Wanted to try my hand at such pictures. Happy with the outcome. I call it the white lotus.

Pics here.

The trip to Kasargod was very fruitful or actually very flowerful. Lots and lots of pictures.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Loving it

This is the satellite image showing clouds hovering over S.India. Its been drizzling in Bangalore for the past 24Hrs. out of curiosity checked the map to find out when will it stop rainig, and when can I take my bike out. And it turns out I wont be taking my bike out in a hurry.

Wanted to be in Mangalore at this time. Mangalore is what it should not be at this time of the year. Cool, rainy. but bangalore is what it has been for all these years. Cool, rainy. Loving it

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nice name

I raised a ticket to get 2 switches patched up for some "silly" work of mine. Got a call on my phone from the support guy named 'John Burns'

John Burns what?

God knows what he was thinking when he saw my surname pop up on his phone. He sure would have had a different spelling for it :(