Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At home

For a week now I have been taking the public transport to work, bus to be specific. Its more like our busses back home.  All the people who travel in the 0821 route 'A' are regulars. There was some uncertainity in the bus the first day. But now I am a regular too. Now the driver knows me by my first name. He wishes wishes me every morning, and I do too. There is this guy who comes with his seeing dog. He gets to know when I get in the bus and smiles at me. The dog wags its tail near the door. There is this sweet lady who keeps me a seat. Sadly she gets down at the next stop ;)

The people here try to make me feel comfortable. There is a couple who wish me 'na-mas-tey'. The icing on the cake was when this African American wished me 'namaskara'. He said 'Have a nice day' in Tamil.

I feel at home in the bus. This gives me a nice start for the day.

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KIP ! said...

Back home we don't seem to have an individuality in public life anymore. Ok if you are SRK or SRT then it's different altogether.

I guess this is the side effect of abundance (population). There are to many of us to be bothered or cared about.