Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Godfather

All work places follow some craziness in naming their workareas. For example, we have a building where conf rooms are named by the rivers of India, another by planets, another building has conf rooms by flowers, and another by those old lazy fellows who we call philosophers.
I am currently at a workplace where they follow the norm of naming each room facing a direction, by a different norm. Err... I know that's a confusing statement. To make it clear, all the rooms facing north are named after  movies.
I was so happy when I was assigned a room all to myself, and it was named Godfather :)
Next to my room is the Company vice presidents room and that room has his name on it. But my room has godfather written on it. So cool. When somebody passes by they check the name of the person sitting inside put up on the wall, and they sure do check me out.


Kit said...

Here in Bangalore office, the conf rooms in my tower have scientists' names like Copernicus, Galileo, Aryabhatta.

My 3 floor tower in Pune office had unique names for the conference rooms.
The ground floor conf rooms were Gangotri and Godavari. The first floor were Fiji and Flamingo, second floor were Sarayu and Sindhu and the third floor conf rooms were Tapi and Teesta.
Notice how the first letter of the room tells you which floor it was on. And for the geeky ones, between two conf rooms on the same floor, if the second letter comes lexicographically first, then that conf room is in the 'A' wing of that floor, else it is in the 'B' wing of that floor.
eg: Gangotri is in the 'A' wing while Godavari is in the 'B' wing on the ground floor.

smAARATI said...

That is interesting.

Looks like people have put their constructive minds to name a place where all distructive work happen :)

Have to check what is with 'Flamingo;? Its everywhere. It was there in Sonata, it is here and see even 'Applying Thoughts' company uses it...