Monday, January 21, 2008

Love at first sight

I got up today morning without any efforts. That was when I thought there must be something wrong with the day. But little did I know it will turn this beautiful. I came home early to catch up the lost sleep of morning.

I opened the gate expecting nothing. She noticed I had come. She called out to me in her sweet voice. I was stunned to find her there. First time anyone so beautiful had called out to me. Not accustomed to such situations, considering that its the first time, I did not know what to do. I befriended her quite quickly. I fell in love so easliy. I thought of taking her in. A bit nervous, I opened the door to home and took her in.

My folks were surprised at first. Little did they expect me to come hand in hand with her. They asked for details. I explained, how can someone so beautiful be left out to the cruel world. They readily accepted her. This was my first pet. A lovely kitten. A month old.

A neighbour of mine abandoned her in my portico. I had seen him run when he saw me coming. I took her in and served her dinner. Such a playful cat I had not seen before. Am now preparing her bed as she has slept in my lap. I dont want to wake her up, before I make her bed.

Dont have my camera right now and cant upload pics. Will do it as soon as I get my hands on the camera.


The Sconosciuto said...

Mar Gaye!!

The Sconosciuto said...

We can understand how beautiful she is. Your words are more than expressive. Every word of your blog would outweigh even a thousand pictures. We can easily picturize the beauty of the kitten through your description. So, please it would be great if you stay away from the camera!!!!!