Friday, December 27, 2013

The year that was

Another year rolled by, another year to look forward to. This brings me to the junction where I look back upon the year that was (for me).
This year passed by real quick, I can say in a blink. It all started with me completing the Mumbai Marathon. The high from this completion stayed on for almost a month. I learnt to swim and became a good swimmer. Good because I could not float on water and now I can swim a kilometer. It was always a dream.
 I trained hard and reached a stage where I could call myself fit. There were times I was inspired to run more, swim more on the same day. Another dream.
 I started working in Mumbai, living the usual Mumbai "fast life". Waking up timed by the locals, leaving work to catch a particular local, scheduling things this way. This left me no time to run nor swim and I came back square one (fat from fit). Well, another dream.
God was kind enough and blessed me with a baby girl. After giving us some tense days she is playful and back to her normal ways. Now all that is left is to set good examples all through life and make her a good human being. Another dream.

It is said that, do not make resolutions you cannot keep. It is also said that, make resolutions and push ahead to chieve it.
I am making some ones which are fun for me to achieve. To clock atleast 1500 kilometers by 31-12-2014. To participate in a triathlon (preferbly Olympic distance as that is the easiest).

This has been a real good year with all of my wishes coming true. May the one looking from above continue to be kind.
Happy new year folks. Live your dream


Kit said...

Wish you a HapPy New Year buddy!

Kim said...

Happy new year to you too