Friday, June 14, 2013

Of the joys of running and of the joys of minting money

I guess I am qualified to call myself a runner now having run at 4:00 AM,just to show off. Now that we have established me as expert in this area, let the rant begin.

I always make it a point to run the KTM and Bangalore Ultra (atleast one). It is always a good practice run an build up for the Mumbai Marathon. Both these races can be undoubtedly classified under the tough races category. 

People run for fun. Very few run to prove a point to others while mostly prove a point to themselves. I do not know where to begin with on the topic of joys of running. 

Making money is also fun. If you are the best at that job you sure can demand a premium. But when the same job is done by others in a equally good (if not better) way for less,you would look for the cheaper one. Now comes my point. I feel running is getting expensive. Already with the costly shoes, GPS', family time lost etc etc, you shouldn't be charging too much for facilitating a run. I am not taking away anything from the organisers here. I love them, I love their races, I loveir punctuality, organisation, shirts and what not. I always knew their races were expensive. But this time they have crossed a line.

Yours truly,
a runner paying through his nose

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