Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trip Report: Miami, FL. Part-2

None of us wanted to get up on day-2. We were dog tired by playing in the beach the previous day. After the initial fight of who gets ready first, everyone was ready for more of Miami. After an English breakfast we decided to drive to Keywest, FL. This place is the southernmost tip of the 48 contiguous states of the US.
A group of 4500 islands together are named 'Florida Keys'. So every place we passed through was called something key. More here
The drive to this place is scenic. Its a 160 mile drive. It reminded me of the East Coast Road (ECR) which runs from Pondicherry to Mahabalipuram to Chennai. Its a two lane highway with a lane in each direction, water body on both sides.

The highlight of this road trip is the '7-mile bridge'

Being the holiday season there was lot of traffic on the way to Key west. We took a lot of brakes and clicked pics whenever we found the traffic moving very slowly.
After reaching Key-west we rented out a house (yes, my first independent house stay in the US) and went off to see the sunsetat Fort Zachary Taylor Beach
After clicking 100's of photographs we were off to 'Mallory Sq' for the sunset celebration.
This is a street which wakes up after sunset. There streets are filled with street side vendors selling everything. I would say on a busy day, the night life of Mallory square beats the one in New York.

Part-3 to come soon.
Sunset is an art-work. Every sunset is different. You watch every sun set as if you have never seen one before. The darma in the sky when the sun sets is mesmerizing. Those colors, those cloud patterns, those reflections are all new, everyday. You get a sense of completeness of the day if you watch one. Here is a couple who are in the process of being mesmerized.

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