Monday, December 21, 2009

My Best friends weddding

Dear Kit,

I remember it as yesterday when I was introduced to you by a common friend. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Wonderful is too dull a word to describe the vivid, colorful, exciting, fun filled relation we shared over the last 8 years. I still wonder where have the 8 years gone. I guess, if not for you these years wouldn't have gone by this fast.

I will cherish all those days we had spent in the college canteen - licking chutney, joining straws to make the long straw and drinking slice (trying atleast), in the class room - discussing F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Linux, girls, and exchanging "softwares", etc, etc.

Not to forget the trips we had together, to Madikeri, to Parapady, to Manipal, Kanchipuram. and to Kings and Tulsi's. No discussion is complete without speaking about KF. Ofcourse KF rocks.

I know you will kill me for this but I had to say it. Thanks for being my outlet. Thanks for listening. Thanks for all the advice. Thanks for not saying a word when I expected silence. Thanks for all the talks. Thanks for everything. And before I forget, thanks for the free beer. Thanks for pick-up and drops, I'll miss it.

Here's wishing you on your big day. I have no doubt you will make a wonderful husband to Annie. I wish you years of happiness together. I wish you years of fun. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Of course I would be attending the wedding and cannot post this on THE day. I will ping you for advice.

I wish you
A bit of sadness, to make the happiness happier for the rest of your lives,
A bit of bitter, to make the sweet sweeter for the rest of your lives,
A bit of fights, to make you understand each other better,
A bit of worries, to make you stronger for the rest of your lives,
Wishing you a happy married life. I wish you guys age together to see another ice age ;)

Loads of love
Yours truly

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