Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wonder

Was just wondering, what if score wasn't counted the way it is counted now. I mean to say for the first time itself it was counted in a different way, we would be just following it. Say time was the measure to keep score. Then it would be 'oh he got a 98,why couldn't he just sit for another 2 mins. he would have got a 100'
or 'Oh sachin got tired at 99 mins again, He could have just struggled for another min. He would have scored a century.'

But then it wouldn't be fair on people like me. I never sat for more than 2 Hrs in any exam. I would have flunked many :(

What if length was the measure to keep score. ' Oh you know what Sachin hit a 75 (mts). By the last hit he must have circled the equator twice.' the great don bradman couldn't even score a 1mtr in his last test.

But again, how would I be paid. would I be told your salary this month would be 300miles. Or oh congrats you get a hike of 2 miles. Shift your house outside the city so that you score.

This is the problem with me having nothing to read, lot of time to kill before the next shoot, or you guys not talking to me enough. I just starting wondering or should I say wandering

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smAARATI said...

Even I wonder!
and who is not talking to you now?