Monday, September 22, 2008

Gymming again

Bought a pair of wonderful trousers. Actually wanted to buy size 32 ones. But the size was in cms. It said 76 cms. I tried it on, and Surprise surprise, it fitted wonderfully. bought it. After I reached home I realised its size 30. Surprising that size 30 still fits me or surprising that I still fit into size 30 ones. Fallen in love with those trousers. Now my aim is to get into them very easily. Started gymming now. Sitting at my seat with cramps in my tummy after a 2 Hr workout.

planning to go tomorrow again. Lets see how long will I go in this spell.
prevention is better than cure. Need to make my belly f(l)at. Need to make it look like a flat one. It looks like a beer belly, Stop it from being a Pot belly.

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