Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Withdrawing money??

As usual, as cashless as I can get, I was waiting my turn at the ATM machine. There was not much of a queue. I am the fourth one. One done, Cool just 2 more to go. Another done after what seemed like hours in front of the machine. One of these banks should start ettiwuetes on how to withdraw money from an ATM. Of late I see lot of ppl taking ages to withdraw money. May be there account is so heavy.
Just one more in front of me, All of a sudden he opens up the machine. "hello, there is a better way to withdraw cash from the machine". Then it clicked he had come to tank up the machine.
So much for waiting in the queue. @#@$&

On second thoughts I could have still waited behind him, just in case money drops out :)

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