Monday, June 18, 2007

I Feel Like.....

Feel like browsing thru those inked pages,
Feel like fighting with myself today

Though those lanes dint me a thing other than pain,
Feel like getting lost while passing thru those lanes today

Got to know that Love is an innocent spark that will burn me one day,
Feel like pushing myself in that fire today

My face feels cold coz of dampness of tears,
Feel like drying up these tears in winter’s sun

Had been really hard to recollect myself after braking down many times,
Feel like spending few moments with her and then break down again today…

Its been long I have been drinking in her thoughts,
I feel like getting lost in her thoughts today…

Its been long these eyes have been waiting for a glimse of her,
I feel like seeing her one last time, after which I can sleep forever from today